Accelerating Innovative Solutions for Sustainable Development

Regional Forum


December 2017


Cairo, Egypt

Youth Participants

About The Program

YLP3 incorporated the social innovation approach and the use of Design Thinking methodology even stronger in the programme. The emphasis was on helping youth develop effective and sustainable solutions to address development challenges. Youth were provided with ongoing technical support through interactive workshops and targeted mentoring.

YLP3 aimed to support and empower young change-makers, both women and men, in order to design and implement innovative, impactful and sustainable development solutions, whether these be: social enterprises, non-profit organisations, NGOs, initiatives, or campaigns.

The Regional Forum was organized in December 2017 in Cairo, Egypt. Its goals were to support youth participants to refine their innovative solutions, help them to prepare for implementation and ultimately scaling up their solutions. By enabling and empowering youth to contribute to achievement of national, regional and global sustainable development agendas, YLP3 looked to contribute to the overall knowledge-based economic transformation taking place across the region. From each of the 14 countries participating in YLP, five young women and men were invited to the Regional Forum. In addition, experts from various fields were providing technical expertise and support for young people.

Following the regional event, YLP3 will continues its efforts to mobilize resources to provide access to mentoring services, technical expertise, networking and financing opportunities to all the participating youth from the national and regional events. Youth who participate in the regional forum are expected to share their learnings with national-level YLP3 participants. In this way, YLP3 aimed to create a snowball effect, as youth help other youth, their communities, and their nations, potentially impacting thousands of people in the Arab world.

"YLP offered me the chance to enhance my skills as a change maker, gain maturity and become more aware of the global challenges for 2030. Its network allowed me to have a comprehensive view of challenges facing the Arab States and gave me the ability to take action on them."

Salma Benhassine, Tunisia, YLP3