Better Leaders for Better Communities

Regional Forum


September 2015


Amman, Jordan

Youth Participants

About The Program

The first Regional Forum of YLP was organized in Amman in partnership with MBC Al Amal in November 2015. The Forum gathered 40 youth participants from 18 Arab countries to strengthen their capacities to contribute in development of their communities. The programme encouraged exchange of experiences and knowledge, building the young women and men’s skills and methods in leadership both at community level and in relation to sustainable development.

This first regional forum kicked off the development of YLP as it stands now. The first alumni of the programme have gone a long way ever since, and many are still engaged with YLP in one way or another.

"YLP has principally changed the way I think about charity. I stopped seeing myself as a hero and those I’m serving as victims, and started recognizing that, in fact, we all have something to offer to one another. I’m so glad to be a returning mentor over the years of YLP as I get to see these changes not just in me but in hundreds of youth across the region."

Moneera Yassien, Sudan, YLP1