A Story of a YLP Alumni
Sophia El Bahja, Morocco

“[Without YLP] our strategy and vision wouldn’t include a scale-up plan in the MENA Region.”

NoBoxLab is a service designed for children aged from 6 to 12 years old to improve their educational experience through a creative program of hands-on learning exercises from a variety of scientific fields and EdTech solutions such as video series, games, and AI systems. Through experimenting, watching videos and playing educational games, children learn essential skills in innovation, critical thinking, and social engagement. The online platform also allows parents to track their children’s progress and performance. NoBoxLab has already worked with more than 300 children, reached further 10,000 through their e- solutions, trained 10 tutors in innovative teaching and employed university students as teachers.

Sophia’s initiative was at a testing stage until she joined YLP- access to programme's tailored training, methodology, and tools have provided her with the necessary equipment to gain momentum, develop her project at a fast pace and harness creativity to the service of her community. As such, NoBoxLab has been redesigned to gain attention and visibility in order to reach a wider audience, and as a result, has rapidly expanded its network - now it works in partnership with 3 schools, 8 associations and 4 social enterprises. This is because YLP’s role is not only to provide general technical support but to understand and address participants individual needs in order to bring their ideas to life.