A Story of a YLP Alumni
Fida'a Al-Abbadi, Jordan

Since Fida’as participation in YLP4, her initiative Khal Min Altanamur or Free of Bullying, has set up many activities in schools. Additionally, she participated in many sessions and seminars concerned with ending bullying and violence in all its forms and done interviews on television. Her work played a great role in informing people and spreading awareness about the concept of bullying and its danger to our children and our society. Fida’a believes it is necessary to be efficient and quick in fight against bullying as;

“No matter how the act is simple or small, it may affect at least one person's life and be the reason to protect his or her life.”

The YLP Regional Workshop made her more aware of the SDGs and their objective in several details, making her feel like she could do a lot more for her community and even the whole world. Upon return to Jordan from the YLP Regional Workshop she felt more confident in dealing and blending in with variety of people from different cultures and traditions:

“…I gained experience that helped me complete my project and my initiative with a new spirit, greater and better concepts […] This programme has made me feel more responsible to the community and no matter how simple the role is [that] the individual plays in his or her community he or she can influence”

Now the initiative is moving forward since a several research studies have been conducted, increasing their knowledge of psychotherapeutic methods used to deal with bullying. They have also created two training guides; one for individuals who wish to join and volunteer in the initiative, to ensure their full awareness of the issue, and to serve as reference guide volunteers can refer to when setting up relevant activities and events. The second training guide is intended for parents and teacher who work with children that may face this issue at home or in school.

Fida’a knows that her work towards influencing and changing the thinking of society and its people is challenging, but the initiative is still motivated by the idea that all people were created to develop the earth and that each and every one of us have their own role in this development:

“Today we are seeking to solve the problems of the basic building blocks of society and the values on which generations are raised to be the future of Nations, It is therefore important that these and other generations pass through with them the correct values that are free of any manifestations of bullying and encouragement toward hatred and rejection of others, therefore no matter how our steps and potential are simple and small, we will walk forward with love and hope for a society free of bullying.”