A Story of a YLP Alumni
Motaz Abdelhalim, Sudan

The YLP4 participant Motaz is an entrepreneur and SDG advocate, with a passion for youth empowerment. He started his leadership development process after participating in YLP4 in Sudan;

“[YLP4] made me eligible to become one of the SDGs advocates and helped me progressed as a leader by tackling dynamic challenges, forced me to step out of my comfort zone to grow, and later I discovered that I had changed from a talker to a doer.”

Today he is a co-founder and projects manager at the Social Enterprise Development Organization (SEDO). They aim to play a vital role in job creation and provide opportunities to young people. This is done by offering training, mentorship, and funding in many sectors such as agribusiness, technology, women's empowerment and community development in cooperation and partnership with a leading finance and microfinance corporations in Sudan.