A Story of a YLP Alumni
Reem Obeid, Lebanon

Reem started the “Dream Big Academy” initiative for youth to learn football and essential life values like leadership and teamwork because of her own personal experience. When she was young there was no one to teach football, and she was told to stop playing because of her gender. She kept chasing her dreams and is today a Lebanese National Team player. However, there are still no academies in her region so she started this initiative to share the values and importance of sports with other youths.

After participating in YLP5 she got support to her initiative with the business aspect, and on how to make her idea sustainable. Many doors were opened for her after attending as she got in touch with people who are both interested in her idea and willing to help her move forward with it;

“The YLP experience was amazing. I was so nervous at first especially that I don’t have any experience in presenting in front of people, but it turned out to be one of the best things I have ever done in my life. When you start hearing feedback from the audience and messages of support, it is such an amazing feeling”

The Dream Big Academy encourages girls specifically as it gives them equal opportunities, therefore her initiative supports both SDG number 3 (Good health and wellbeing), 4 (Quality education) and 5 (Gender equality). They plan to expand the initiative to reach all remote villages in Lebanon, so that every child who wants to football will have someone to teach them. Reem herself has taken coaching courses to train young children so that she has the experience needed to start her own academy and recruiting the right people.